H-1B Visa Alert – Part I

On April 1, 2013, USCIS will begin accepting new cap-subject H-1B petitions, which provide for an employment start date of October 1, 2013, or later.

Each year, H-1B visas are subject to an annual numeric limitation of 65,000 visas, which are issued on a first come, first served basis.  Aside from the base number of 65,000 visas available, 20,000 additional H-1B visas are available for individuals that have an advanced degree – the U.S. equivalent of a master’s degree or higher.

Last year, USCIS reached the cap of available H-1B visas on June 11, 2012.  It is expected that we will reach the cap much earlier than it was reached last year, with many practitioners who believe that we will reach the cap within the first week.

If you are an employer, and your hiring needs over the course of the next year include H-1B skilled occupations, you are encouraged to contact our firm to discuss your needs.